Children’s Literature Roundtable

Hello lover’s of children’s literature!  I’m hoping to elicit a response from you.  Have you had experience with Children’s Literature Roundtable or the 12 by 12 picture book challenge?  Please share.

Children’s Literature Roundtable groups can be found in most Canadian provinces.  At these meetings teachers, librarians and writers gather to discuss children’s literature.  As I have always been passionate about children’s literature, I had often thought of attending their meetings and last night I finally did!

And the emerging authors who spoke left me inspired.  Their question and answer period was super interesting and I got more information about how emerging authors get started to the point where I am more motivated than ever to continue on my writing journey.

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If you have ever thought about writing books for children and you live in Canada, I would highly recommend attending a Children’s Literature Roundtable meeting!

What I’m most excited about is the 12 by 12 picture book challenge that I hope to join in with very soon.  Writers work on one picture book idea each month over a year with the hope that by the end you have 12 good picture book drafts completed.  I’m now thinking seriously about joining the challenge in 2017!

Have you tried the 12 by 12 challenge?  Share your thoughts.  Was it helpful for you? I’d love to know.  I would love to elicit a response from you so …. share!




4 thoughts on “Children’s Literature Roundtable

  1. ok…besides Trump getting elected, I have another reason to move to Canada! OH, Canada…I long to see you…
    Seriously, it sounds like a good challenge to take. Is it for Canadians only also?


    1. Thanks for your comments! You made me smile. I’ve just learned about this challenge but I think it is open for North America. Check out for more information. You can sign up for email notifications and the registration will be in January!

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