Carrot-Zucchini Pancakes — Love Eat Smile

Welcome to my Saturday morning pancake feature where I share a pancake recipe from another awesome blogger out there!

Why am I sharing pancake recipes each week?

These recipes are in celebration of my first soon to be published picture book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker. And I do love pancakes so I hope to eventually try all the recipes I share. This one looks super healthy and great if you’re looking for something more savoury instead of something sweet with syrup…

I looooove Pancakes and I love building a tower with them! When I created these savoury Carrot-Zucchini Pancakes my boyfriend and I had our 5 year anniversary and we decided to have a day started with yummy pancakes followed by a nice relaxing day in a wellness house and then having dinner at ‘Lemon Grass’ […]

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