One Two Three… simply.cindy!

One, Two, Three!

This Discover Challenge seemed like a great opportunity to present the three parts of my blog: simply.cindy and what it is designed to be all about. Basically, it is my perspective on

1.   Little Ones… more specifically young children between the ages of about two and five

I view young children as capable growing human beings.


2.  Literacy…  and how to support young children with developing early literacy

I like to feature picture books and share my experiences as an emerging author.

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3.  Learning… Specifically learning through play experiences

The opportunities for learning through play are tremendous!  The motivation is high so the children’s learning is more solidified. I truly believe that the lessons learned in preschool are life lessons and are valuable at any age.

So if this interests you, then pour a cup of tea and stay awhile.  You may enjoy some of the posts here.  And if you would like to show your appreciation for what you’re reading here, then follow me or like me on Facebook.  That would be awesome.  Thank you.


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