Here’s a great story for children.  It’s been around for a long time but so good for helping children to accept differences in people.  I love that there’s a song that comes with it and if you get the book, you will also get the musical score for the song.  It is fun to teach children the song so that they can join in with the story.  In the story, the boy loves to play the ukulele and the boy’s father has an ability to make anything vanish.  The whole idea of being able to make things disappear is very intriguing.  Unfortunately some the people in the town find them annoying.

The giant, Abiyoyo, is both frightening and comical at the same time.  Hope you enjoy.

This picture book would make a great gift for a young child with a parent who can play the guitar or ukulele.

Abiyoyo is a real read aloud classic.  It is almost always loved by children.  A warning: know your audience and avoid making your giant voice too scary.


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