Dress Up Time Part Two

Hello Readers!  If you are a teacher of young children I have a question for you:

Would you give up your dress up clothing in favour of only scarves?

For a little background, go to my original post: Dress-Up Time

So in a nutshell, I decided last month to remove all the dress up clothing and place only scarves in that area.  What are the results so far?

Scarves have been used for


-superhero play

-ballet and movement classes

-picnic blankets

-making new dress-up clothes by wrapping more that one scarf around bodies

-covering baby’s sleeping area to make a quiet corner, wrapping babies and giving babies rides and tosses in the air

-doggie sweaters and dog leashes

Each one of these play experiences was initiated by the children.  I did not give them the ideas; they came up with it all themselves.

I did have an interesting reaction from one child when I first put the costumes away.  The very next day she brought her own tutu to wear at dress up time but we don’t allow children to bring things from home and I explained that other children won’t have a tutu to wear so that might be difficult for them.  It did not take a lot of convincing for her to  abide by this rule.  She seemed to understand and has not brought it back since.  And she has had some great fun dancing with the scarves instead of her own tutu so it didn’t really stop her from doing what she had in mind. Other children have occasionally asked about costumes but they have all been able to move forwards and find other ideas for dramatic play.

So for now, the dress up things will stay away.  I may put out a few santa hats this week but that’s about as far as I plan to go.  Will the costumes stay packed away?

I will let you know but for now… we don’t miss them!

“The secret of happiness… is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” -Socrates

Do you agree with Socrates?


6 thoughts on “Dress Up Time Part Two

  1. Cindy–this is so sweet. I have trouble figuring out to tie a darn scarf and look at the cleverness of these kids. I totally agree with Socrates. Keep it simple, man! Great post.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I am thinking it may be time to have a garage sale soon as we really do have a lot of things we don’t really need. Time to pare down and keep only the really important stuff.


  2. Scarves! My downfall even as an adult. I’d rather dress something up (me!) with a scarf than an ‘outfit.’ Also hats are great. Do you foresee a collection of hats in your dress-up area (not just Santa hats)? I was in a café the other day–frequented by women as well as men. Actually, a tea room. There were two large cubby-style shelves filled with hats just as you came in the room. Each customer got to choose a hat to wear while taking tea! Brilliant. Instant play and fun!


    1. Elouise you are right. Hats do work well too! As you may have noticed my little superheroes are wearing construction hats in the photo. So the hats are still available and I need to have a look for what else we have in our collection. Hats are easy to use and so fun! Nice to hear adults can still play dress up. No fair for the kids to have all the fun!

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