Anticipation of First Picture Book Release!

I just want to say again how thankful I am for Paula, who has done the illustrations for my soon to be released picture book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker!  I just received this lovely art card from her in the mail.  You can see more of Paula’s art at her website tiny violet studio.  

Paula and I are waiting with great anticipation to see the book in print!  This is a first book for both of us and we are hopeful that we can do more books together in the future. The proof copy has been ordered and I am anticipating it will arrive either just before Christmas or immediately afterwards.

I feel fairly certain that I will not be sated with just one book project; I will want to do more! And I think that Paula feels the same way.


15 thoughts on “Anticipation of First Picture Book Release!

    1. Thank you. It has been a huge learning process and there is still lots of work ahead! And yes the waiting is harder than I first thought as it has been a longer process than I first imagined!

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    1. You’re welcome . I’m with you! And I’ve got a few ideas for more picture books in the works already so hopefully the next one will be just around the corner.


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