12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge

As  new author, I hold out hope that someday I can have one of my manuscripts traditionally published.  I’ve almost completed the self-publishing process and I now have a huge appreciation for all the unseen work that goes into writing and publishing a book.  Having a publishing company means a whole team of people devoted to the success of your book.  That sounds very appealing to me right now as I work so hard to do this myself and recognize that there is still a lot of work ahead with marketing my new book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker.


I’m super excited, humbled and a little daunted by the fact that this week I have joined an online community of authors in the 12×12 Picture Book Challenge.  The goal is for each writer to complete 12 drafts of picture books over the course of a year.  My first impressions of the experience are pretty positive.  There is a huge amount of support with this group and lots of sharing of resources.  For me as an emerging author, I really appreciate all the support.  It is amazing.  I hope to join a critique group and that I can complete all 12 manuscripts this year.  Even if I don’t get them all done, I will say it should be a great motivator to keep me writing which is wonderful as it is easy to get distracted or make excuses as to why there’s no time to write.

So if my blog posts are a little fewer, then you know why.  I’m working on some new picture books, that’s why.  So, wish me luck and when I get the chance, I will let you know how I’m progressing with the challenge!

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  1. I simply have too much going on this year to try the challenge and stick to it (my mom has been diagnosed as being in the beginning stages of Alzheimer/Dementia so not sure what this year will bring). But, I would love to join you in a critique group if you find one or start one.

    Stay the course!


    1. Thanks for reading! So sorry to hear about your mom. I will let you know about critiquing… I’m part of a group now but might also want a partner so maybe we can arrange to trade manuscripts some time. 😊

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