Three Reasons To Start a Nature Preschool Program

If you’ve been reading simply.cindy for awhile now, you are aware that one of the things I’ve been working on is starting up a nature preschool program.

I’m so excited to report that we are now underway with our first two sessions done and both have been hugely successful!

Ironically, although we are in one of the most mild climates in North America, we had snow for our first two sessions… surprise!  I wish I had some photos appropriate to post here but not yet 😦

The snow really added a new element though.  Making snow angels, building a snow man, and discovering different tracks in the snow were fun opportunities.

coastal trail

Here are the three main reasons why I decided to start a nature preschool program:

  1. To help children develop appreciation for nature
  2. To promote physical development
  3. To promote imaginative play

Each day, we begin with an activity called Sit Spots.  There is no talking, we just choose a spot, sit, breathe, look around and appreciate all the nature around us. For now this lasts for about a minute but my hope is to increase the time slowly up to 5 minutes.

As we started to breathe, one child exclaimed, “Breathe in the fresh air!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

We had a great time exploring the trails of our new forest home.  We discovered many wonderful places along the trail where we hope to go back and visit.  There were plenty of wonders of nature hidden in a park that many people drive by daily but never stop and take the time to walk through.

I feel so glad we are taking that time. What has struck me the most over the first couple of days is how much gratitude the children show for the experience.  I am modelling that, for sure, but the are picking up on it and seeing the bounty that nature provides us.

Very satisfying.

Have you had a chance to get out in nature lately?  Take a walk.  Appreciate the beauty around you.  You’ll be glad you did.



10 thoughts on “Three Reasons To Start a Nature Preschool Program

  1. Looks like you live in a beautiful place to make this q wonderful experience for the children! And snow!! We’re in so. Calif. and have to travel up to the mountains for snow. I’m sure the kids thought it was exciting!! Do you work from a building or spend your whole morning out of doors?? Love this new idea…

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  2. I love that silently sitting at the beginning of the day. What a great way to begin the day with a little contemplation on the beauty of the surrounding natural world. I could do with it myself. Actually my swim first thing in the morning is a bit like that. One day I hope to make a snow angel!


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