Writing in Rhyme…Why Not?

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I enjoy writing in rhyme.  Picture books lend themselves well to rhyme.  Rhymes help children who are learning to read. Decoding the words is easier for emerging readers when there are predictable rhymes.

So why avoid writing in rhyme?

If you are submitting your work in the hopes of being traditionally published it is very difficult to get your rhyming manuscripts accepted. This is because rhymes cannot be easily translated. Publishers want to be able to put out books in several languages so the rhyme can actually work against you.

Meter is difficult to get exactly right too.   If the meter is off then the rhyme will not sound right so unless you are exceptionally talented at writing in rhyme it is best to stay away from it all together.

Still determined to write in rhyme?  Self-publish and be sure to get the meter exactly right.


5 thoughts on “Writing in Rhyme…Why Not?

  1. Hello, Cindy! Came across your blog. I’m a starting out writer myself and simply love children’s books 🙂 I have written a couple (not published but hoping that one day it will happen) but never tried illustrating them so this is all new to me. Will definitely be following you blog! P.s. good luck with the picture book challenge!


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