Teaching and Writing

A Good Match

I think teaching and writing are a good match.  Teachers are readers.  We read to our students, we find books that we hope appeal to our students, and we know where the gaps are.  We’ve attempted to find that just right book; sometimes we find it and sometimes we don’t.  When we don’t we’ve identified the book that needs to be written.


Readers know what they like and what they don’t like.  We know which books we’d recommend to others.  We’re familiar with what makes a good story.

Aside from that, teaching is about role modelling.  If you’re going to teach someone to write, then you better practice writing yourself.  How can you know how to teach someone a thing that you’ve never done yourself?

Children’s books provide great opportunity to bring forth values and discuss citizenship and strength of character.

So if you are a teacher out there who is also writing, you’re in good company.

Teaching and writing are a good match.

“It takes a big heart to shape young minds.” -Author Unknown


13 thoughts on “Teaching and Writing

  1. I think teachers everywhere need to take heed of this statement: “If you’re going to teach someone to write, then you better practice writing yourself.” It is very important.


    1. Yes. I think children need to see their teachers writing. And teachers need to understand how it feels to be a writer. But I also think most teachers do this naturally. People who gravitate towards teaching also seem to like writing. Thanks for your comment!

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