Just in Time for Pancake Tuesday!

Hello Readers,

When it seemed nothing would quicken this slow publishing process of course my proof copy would arrive just in time for Pancake Tuesday. And the second time must be a charm because it looks good to go. So although I couldn’t get it out there in time for all of you to have it for pancake day, at least I have it in my hands knowing that it will soon be out there in the world.


So my preschool plans for today are set.  I’m reading my new book to the class and we’re making pancakes.  It is Pancake Tuesday after all…

Giveaways will be coming soon in celebration of the book release.  I will announce a release date here on simply.cindy and on my author page http://www.authorcynthiamackey.com as soon as I can.  Keep in mind this will be a slow roll out… the book will be first available through Ingram Spark and eventually through CreateSpace and in ebook format.



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