Ten Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

I am going to admit right away that I am learning as I go when it comes to marketing a book.  I’m a little nervous as my platform is relatively small and certainly not massive as it probably ought to be in order to sell a picture book.  I’m feeling like I’m going to need a little bit of luck.


Here are a few ideas I plan to try out:

  1. Get some early reviews posted on Amazon

2. Do a book release event

3. Put the word out on social media

4. Do a blog tour

5. Do school visits

6. Pass out/mail out postcards

7. Have a booth at a craft fair or market

8. Use Mail-chimp to send out a newsletter with updates on promotions/sales

9. Do Giveaways!  *This one is definitely the most fun on my list

10. Get a copy of the book into a library

Do you have ideas for marketing for indie authors?  I’d love to hear about them!



5 thoughts on “Ten Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

  1. 1. get a friend to write a review and get it into Island Parent Magazine asap. 2. ditto for all the publications that you know of for primary teachers, school libraries, etc. 3. schedule a date when you can show up at Paula’s mother’s place (on a farm, out West Saanich Road) so a zillion people can be invited to show up with their children to a) meet the author and illustrator, b) enjoy a delicious tea party c) have fun in the sun. (you can bet pancakes will be involved!) 4. connect with people you know in other parts of Canada, who can help you get your book out there. When you have pockets of people coast to coast to coast, who know about your book, the joy can spread easily.

    Hope this helps! Love, Monny Rutabagas


    1. Yes. Goodreads was part of my plan for sure. Will add that to my list. And IHOP!! You have me excited about the possibilities… we have Smitty’s Pancakes and White Spot in Canada. Worth a try!

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  2. Thanks for writing this. I’ve started working on my memoirs, and although I want more exposure by going through an agent and established publisher, this independent publishing notion holds great allure. Best wishes on these endeavors!


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