Outdoor Program Snapshot

Today’s daily prompt is Symbiosis.  The interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

It reminded me of our nature program as we witness that symbiosis in nature each time we go outdoors.  The children may not know the word, but they experience it when they see a fungus growing on a log.


What does our outdoor program look like? We have just two hours once a week. Here’s a snapshot of our morning.

gather at our meeting place

sing our welcome song with ideas about what we plan to do while outside

-take a short walk to our play place

Sit Spots: we form a circle, take three giant steps back and sit down.  We spend 2-5 silent minutes just breathing and appreciating the nature around us.  Children can pick up the things around them to examine more closely but there is not talking during this time.

Boundary Walk: we walk the boundary of our outdoor classroom to see where the invisible walls are today.

Free Play: children can explore the outdoor classroom and play in the outdoors as teachers and parents guide them by facilitating play and/or negotiating risks.

Snack is available throughout the free play time.  Children can come to the snack area when they feel hungry.

Exploring: We take a walk to further explore the forest/beach/trail

Story time: Often we tell stories orally, so there are no pictures but we do also read picture books as well.

Gratitude song: We sing about the things we did today and give thanks.


Starting up an outdoor nature program has been totally worthwhile.  I’m really glad I did this and hope to keep the program going for years to come.


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