What’s In Your Garden?

We’ve had a comparatively long winter here on the wet west coast.  And I couldn’t be more thankful to see the spring.  Goodbye hats and mittens and scarves and boots!  Hello sunshine!  Well… maybe I should say hello rain but at least it is warmer.  Yes we are just on the cusp of a new season and it is time to make plans!  If you’re new to simply.cindy you should know I am a preschool teacher so I often write about the happenings at preschool.

Here’s a look at our preschool garden plans for this spring.


For me, preschool and planting go hand in hand.  The children are growing, the flowers are growing, the veggies are growing.  Yes, there’s a lot of growing happening!  And children love to water things.  So I don’t think our garden will ever be thirsty except maybe on the weekends.

Last year we grew pole beans into a tent shape.   But, preschool ends halfway through June here and the beans were not fully grown in time.  We also grew pumpkins quite by accident as the seeds were mixed up in the compost. They just kept sprouting up everywhere!  The garden is pretty small so we had to transplant them and give them to  families who had larger gardens at home.img_2247

This year we are trying out some kale and some peas.  We are also growing daffodils and peppermint.  We will sprout some bean seeds I will send them home 🙂  We have a few empty pots so maybe we can grow something else?  And there is one other space that we might be able to use at the back of the playground… I’m thinking maybe some seeds for a hummingbird garden would be neat.  We do get lots of hummingbirds so if we can attract them to the preschool playground the children would enjoy the chance to watch them.  Hmm… maybe time to get a little hummingbird feeder hung up in a tree.

What are you growing or planning to grow this year?