Surprise TV Recommendation

Television show recommendations are not the norm here on simply.cindy but then adults do need time to escape from reality too. So here’s a little departure from learning through play and something for after the kids are in bed.

I am not a huge tv watcher.  I find books more interesting.  And hospitals are probably my least favourite place in the world so I don’t know how I ended up watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix but it happened.

What keeps me coming back to the show?  The characters.  I absolutely love the characters; they are so well done.  And I actually don’t have to shut my eyes during every surgery now; I can watch the gross stuff.  watch-greys-anatomy-online

Maybe that’s why I like reading and writing too.  It’s all about the characters.  

Are you like me?  Do you love stories with great characters?  Is the character development first and foremost to you?  Then you will love this show.  I promise.

I love watching the doctors heal patients, save lives, and figure out their own lives at Seattle Grace Hospital.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I warn you… it won’t take much and you’ll be hooked.


4 thoughts on “Surprise TV Recommendation

  1. I love characters in shows. It is great to watch how each character develops over seasons. I might like Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks for the recommendation. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love it when you find a good show/ series to watch. I am currently watching Season 3 of Broadchurch and am loving it 😃


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