Daily Surprise

What will my little group of preschoolers do with the blocks today?  I am a very lucky teacher and I get surprises almost daily with new construction each time.  Scroll down for a look at my latest surprise…IMG_1044





Surprise  Isn’t this impressive?  So well balanced!  Those little engineers are becoming very skilled indeed.

So what am I learning (as a child) when I engage in block construction?

to build with my hands to improve my gross and fine motor coordination

to compare sizes and shapes

to sort, classify, and count

to share and work cooperatively

to try out my ideas and problem solve

to use my imagination

Learning and play cannot be separated!  Play is the work of children.  And what an amazing job they have done. 


8 thoughts on “Daily Surprise

  1. Amazing 🙂 😀
    I am not training to become a daycare educator and this is amazing. I am learning now that play is very important in the development of young children, so to see this is amazing 🙂 I am very happy. Continue to make sure they are having fun with creativity and learning through that.


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