Generativity…The Key to Happiness?

I just read a really interesting blog post about happiness at  It outlines a lifelong study done on a group of 724 men and describes four keys to lifetime happiness. Most of the article seemed quite logical.  The point that most interested me was the one about generativity.

They say that people in the study were happier when they were able to give back to the younger generation.  They mentioned that it could be through raising a child but it could also be done through your work by mentoring someone younger in your chosen field, for example.

This brings me to my own personal example.  I have a milestone birthday coming up.  I won’t say exactly which one but I felt pleased today when I realized that not only have the goals I had ten years ago been reached but the new goals I have now were little more than an inkling ten years ago.  Just imagine where I might be ten years from now!


My goal of becoming a picture book writer relates heavily to generativity.  I think that’s what motivates me to write picture books.  Really, picture book authors do not get rich.  The profits are small. Picture book authors write and rewrite the same story many many times before they ever become books.  I have learned that most books take at least two years to go from start to finish but many books take more than that.  Five years is quite reasonable as a time frame to go from first draft to finished product.

Even though my book’s birthday is not quite here yet, I have had the pleasure of reading and observing children respond to my story.  For me, this is what it’s all about; the generativity that makes writing all worthwhile for me.  When I think of the readers, I know that’s my reason for doing what I do.  And knowing how a picture book can positively impact many children and their teachers, parents and grandparents is all the knowledge I need to motivate me to keep on writing.  Not to mention that the writing itself is a pleasure.

Its a great thing to discover a new passion!  Thank you for reading my posts and leaving comments.  You, the reader, are hugely appreciated!!!


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