Don’t Choose International Economy!

I’m just a little cranky and slightly embarrassed too but here’s my story in case it helps someone else.  I ordered a box of my self-published books from Ingram Spark on March 11, 2017.  It is over a month later and the books have not arrived.  When I phoned Ingram Spark, they were not able to give me any information about where the books might be.

You see, I chose international economy as the shipping method.  Bad mistake! Those packages are not trackable.  So apparently my books may show up someday but that’s about all I know.IMG_2030

What do I do now?  Order another box of books and this time, I chose Canada ground shipping which is slightly more expensive but at least its trackable!

Why did I not do this in the first place?  The rep from Ingram Spark told me “We don’t recommend choosing international economy.” So why the $%^& is that even an option?

And now I’ve got that out… back to the sunny, positive, look on the bright side simply.cindy we all know and love.

My books will eventually show up 🙂  And maybe this post will help someone else not to make my mistake!

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Choose International Economy!

  1. I hope they turn up soon! We deal with Ingram Sparks and have always found them to be very helpful! But you are so right – why offer an option if you don’t recommend it! 😃🐻


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