Surprise in My Mailbox

A very pleasant surprise showed up in my mailbox this week!  I received a hard cover copy of Jon Klaassen’s story, THIS IS NOT MY HAT.  And did you know it has won a Caldecott award?  It turns out that this is my prize from Wordy Wanderings’ short story contest from the end of March… Yay! I’m sure my preschool class will love it… can’t wait to read it to them; plus my story, Friendship Soup.  They will go well together.




About this book: Do not turn your head away from the illustrations for a second or you will miss the whole point of the story.  Definitely a great book for young children who are visual learners. I love how the illustrations show the ways that camouflage works for animals who need to hide from prey AND predators who use the camouflage to hide as they wait for their food and then…..look out!

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