Katie’s Wish/Happy Book Birthday!

Katie Shaeffer is too young to use the stove.  She is also an avid collector.  She has just one wish.  One dream. One desire.  Katie wishes to make golden brown, fluffy as a cloud, perfectly round PANCAKES all by herself.


Find out how Katie and her new friend, Baxter make her wish come true.  It takes perseverance, a positive attitude and just a little touch of magic but when it all comes together in this charming story, the results are most satisfying.


Get Katie Shaeffer, Pancake Maker by Cynthia Mackey and Paula Nasmith.

Now Available on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble.


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  1. Hello Cindy. Found my way here through your post on Roberta’s blog. Lovely to meet you and looking forward to exploring your site more. Cheers, A


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