Swings and Sharing

We are very fortunate to have three swings in our preschool’s outdoor play area.  Swings take up a lot of space so it can be difficult to fit them in and yet, they provide so much enjoyment.  The challenge with swings is sharing.

Often, once a child is on the swing that child does not want to stop.  It is way too much fun. And there lies the problem.  We have 15 children and 3 swings.  And we have several avid swingers in the group. We can set a timer but then the adults are helping and the goal is self–regulation so how do we get there?


Here’s an excellent example.  Today was a gray windy day and when A decided to get off the swing I commented, “Thank you for sharing the swing with your friend, he looks really happy to get a turn; I am so proud of you.”  Then I gave her a hug.

Child’s response: ” That’s because I’m a nice girl.  I share sometimes.  I share on windy days.”

Notice I didn’t say “Good job!” or “Well done!” or give any praise.  I just thanked her, hugged her and told her I was proud.  Then she happily came to her own conclusion.

Will she share the swing next time?  I guess we have to wait for a windy day 😉

“Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.” -Benjamin Spock

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10 thoughts on “Swings and Sharing

    1. Yes. Sometimes they agree to give each other a push and take turns that way. It does seem to help that teachers notice when they are sharing. It’s hard to stop doing something so fun!


    1. True. She will do it; I’m confident. And yes, what a response! Somehow, I’d like to think it isn’t about the wind. But then maybe the swings are more fun when it isn’t windy, making it easier to share on windy days?? I can only guess.


    1. Yes! They loved the story. I also let each child mix and cook his/her own pancake after reading. A week later, one of the 5 year olds asked “Teacher Cindy, where’s that pancake book?” Now I have a copy at the preschool for them all to enjoy and eventually they will be able to borrow it too. One child’s mother asked, “How was teacher Cindy’s book?” And his reply was “Golden brown and fluffy as a cloud” (he quoted word for word the repeated rhyme in the book)! The book is being thoroughly enjoyed by all. So satisfying.


    1. That photo is beautiful, isn’t it? I love the way the light hits the girl’s hair. I do take most of my photos but no, I cannot take credit for that one. It was a free image I found online.


      1. Yes! The children are my teachers. They may not know it but I learn from them every day. I like to think a lot of teachers feel the same way. Thanks for reading and commenting, Rhonda! I enjoy visiting your blog too.

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