Happy Mother’s Day

To all the Moms/Mums out there… may you be appreciated today and every day!

IMG_3855 Hospitality is a skill every mother ought to have.  Flowers make a home inviting.  Even young children can appreciate beauty around us.  Sometimes maybe more than adults do as they take the time to really stop and smell the flowers.

How do you show your hospitality?


12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Lovely post. I try and make all who visit our home welcome, amd I loved that my kids had their friends over more than going elsewhere.they told me their friends liked coming to our house best and I wear that with pride! 😃🐻Happy Mothers Day!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy! In answer to your hospitality question – I always loved making my classroom a welcoming place – for children, their parents, volunteers, colleagues, everyone! An open heart and an open mind.


    1. That’s lovely Norah. I love the idea of an open classroom too. A kindergarten teacher I knew used to know would provide coffee for parents every day. That was really going above and beyond!

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