Vote on My Next Picture Book!

Let’s have some fun and choosing which books to self-publish/send out on submission next…

Here’s a synopsis of five different manuscripts I’m currently working on. I’d like to get your impression.  In the comments, let me know which story you’d most like to see made into a picture book!

1. Kelsey Meets the Monsters

Kelsey must face her greatest fear when her little brother is kidnapped by monsters.  Will Kelsey be able to overcome her fear and save Thomas?

2.  Dinosaurs by Design

Finlayson’s autism means he is just as passionate about loving dinosaurs as he is about hating the beach. One day there is no babysitter and no choice… Finlayson must go to his most feared and hated place… the BEACH!


3. Allison’s Tree

Allison’s best friend is not a girl or a boy; her best friend is a tree.  In this gentle ode to trees, find out why Allison loves her best friend and what Douglas the fir tree can teach her about true friendship.

4. Honey Cakes for Oscar

Find out what happens when Oscar, a very hungry bunny, must reconcile his fear of bees with his love for honey.

5. Finn and Katrina’s Ferry Fairy Excellent Adventure

Journey with Finn and Katrina as they sort out how to keep their new friendship alive after a misunderstanding about what brought them together in the first place.

Which story gets your vote? Why?  I’m excited to hear your responses. Please share!



13 thoughts on “Vote on My Next Picture Book!

  1. Allison’s Tree sounds very sweet. I am already imagining some beautiful images to go with that. All of them are so creative and would work also. Go with the one that captivates you the most. Other people’s opinions aren’t as important since they do not know the creative inspiration you feel for each story.


    1. Thank you Judy. I like what you say about others opinions. It is true. Still it is nice to get an idea of what people might like to read/buy. I’m excited about Allison’s Tree. It is very poetic. Thanks for your comments!

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  2. While I think you’d have not problem marketing Dinosaurs by Design, Allison’s Tree with the theme of friendship is more interesting and wins my vote.


    1. Hi Pam. Thank you so much for your input! I am pretty attached to that story as it grew from some very fond memories I have of my own childhood.


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