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What do you think of ebooks for children?  Is this a format we should be using for children between 3-7 years of age?  Why or why not?

I wondered if I ought to put my Katie book into ebook format and it certainly makes the book more affordable!  I don’t love the idea of young children using iPads or other electronic devices at such a young age.  But if there’s an adult reading the story to the child and that makes the story more accessible to more children it is a good thing, right?IMG_3969

Anyway, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker is now available on iBooks and Google books in addition to Kobo!  So for people who like that format, there is an option.

Keeping it real, Kobo sales have not been good so far.  So I’m on the fence as to whether or not any of my self-published picture books will be available in this format again.  Time will tell…


4 thoughts on “eBooks for Children

  1. All my children’s books are eBooks, and it’s true they are less expensive to share, but I think small children need actual books to hold (and take to bed with them). I stay with soft covers for the ability to hold & carry them around, not to mention that hard covers are much more expensive.

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  2. Hi Cindy– I think I’m old school–was a teacher for 21 years and just retired. But I like kids to have books on shelves that they can pull out and read again (and again). Especially books with large vivid illustrations. Our kids on San Francisco are tech experts, but are sending their kids to a school that has no screen time til 4th grade. I like that. But I’m not sure from the authors point of view– maybe ebooks make your work more widely available! Interesting topic, xox


  3. Hi, I am studying to be a daycare educator and I have two sides to this
    Yes I do agree it is more affordable but on the other hand, kids are subjected to everything being online. Already growing up in a society that technology is so advanced, kids should have at least books to be in paper format.
    Personally I like books in paper form anyways.
    Kids love touching things as well and better pictures as well.

    Less technology is best for children! 😊


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