More on Fernwood’s Art Stroll

It was an honour to be a guest at the Fernwood Art Stroll where artist, Paula Nasmith, featured her work.  Since many of you are not able to get to Victoria, B.C., I thought you’d like a little peek at our day.

Each year, artists in Victoria’s Fernwood community invite the public into their homes for a viewing of their artwork.  Paula and I also featured our book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker!


Plenty of people came through to view Paula’s gallery of work and there was no shortage of compliments on her paintings which are done with acrylics or water colours.

In between visitors, we chatted about future picture book projects!  We have a few ideas for supporting diversity in the next couple of books and hope that we can make those come to fruition.

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Paula does not sell her original artwork but she does offer framed prints and art cards for very reasonable prices.  She will be at the Moss Street Paint-In on July 15th with her artwork and our picture book.  I am hoping to free myself up to spend a little time on Moss Street too.  We shall see…

Thanks, Paula, for inviting me to join you at the Art Stroll.  It was a pleasure!