Creating a Natural Inviting Play Space

Last year our preschool room got new floors and a fresh coat of paint.  I strive to make the environment as appealing and interesting as possible and because we are a pack away preschool that can a challenging task.

This summer, I’m brainstorming ways to bring the outdoors in to make our classroom feel like a more natural space and at the same time, add more interesting features that give our preschool more of its own unique character.  Here’s what I hope to do:

  1. Bring in more plants
  2. Create the illusion of being outdoors by decorating the backs of shelving units with large nature posters. 
  3. Create new cushion covers with natural fabrics in greens and blues.
  4. Add lego building plates to the back of a shelf to create a “lego wall”
  5. Create a tent/teepee or other covered area using a patio umbrella
  6. Add enlarged photos of children’s own creations in nature and with blocks

Do you have more ideas for me?  I’d be interested, particularly if they’re budget friendly! As I work on these projects, I hope to show you some photos of my progress. Wish me luck!




15 thoughts on “Creating a Natural Inviting Play Space

  1. Great ideas Cindy!! making an inviting space for kids (and parents!) Hope you have a great weekend on the horizon. What are you up to? I’m feverishly stitching up a quilt for a new grand-baby coming soon! xox

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    1. Hi Rhonda! Thanks for commenting! I’m signing books this weekend at an outdoor Art Show called the Moss Street Paint In. Should be fun. Best of luck with your quilting and expanding family!

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      1. The best part of my day was reading the story to a little girl. She told me she loved pancakes and even though there were too many for Katie to eat she was sure she could eat them all!


  2. This sounds lovely, Cindy. I like the idea of your Lego wall, and the nature posters on the back of shelves. Bringing in plants is good too. What about some dead tree branches for hanging photos of the children or their artwork. I don’t have a sense of your outdoor area. Do you have somewhere for the children to garden, or for sand play? Some large pots could be good for children to plant, or make individual pot planters with old coffee cups.


    1. Thanks, Norah. I’m still searching for just the right posters. We have a couple already so I will use those until I find just the right thing. The tree branches are a great idea. Because we share the space I have to get permission first so hopefully our landlord will agree. Our outdoor area is a whole other project! But we are lucky to have a large space with natural tree stumps for seating and a couple of trees. We have a small garden and a great collection of pots that we use for planting bulbs in the fall. I would love to add more garden space outdoors in the future too 🙂

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      1. It sounds like you are making the best use of the space, Cindy. The children will have a lot of fun exploring it and creating in it. Enjoy!


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