July Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Jane Grosvenor, from Australia, who won a copy of my newly published picture book,  Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker plus art cards by Paula Nasmith.

I love summer giveaways!  The next one will start Tuesday, August 1st. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “July Giveaway Winner Announced!

  1. To other readers of Cynthia’s blog – never say never! I love pancakes, picture books and helping our kids to grow as both passionate, competent readers and as innovative thinkers with an optimistic view of what they can do to better the world in which we live. When I first saw Katie Schaeffer Pancake Maker here on Cynthia’s blog I thought that’s a book I would like in my picture book collection and had every intention of buying it but an unexpected house move has been eating up that ‘discretionary income’. Imagine my pleasure when I came home to an email saying I was the lucky winner! I could so easily not have entered the draw – after all I was crazily busy and wouldn’t win it anyway! I can’t wait for Katie to arrive and a chance to share her with a couple of little friends of mine! Thank you Cynthia and your promotions people – its breakfast time here and all of a sudden I have a yearning for round fluffy pancakes with lemon and sugar !!!! Have a great day – and never say never!


    1. Thank you, Jane! It is such fun to give books away. Too much fun, in fact. If you’re reading this and wanting another chance to win, give it a try in August. I’ll be doing another giveaway then with a few little extras added in so check back soon 🙂 Congratulations, Jane!

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