Creating a Natural Play Space Part 2

How does this preschool teacher spend her summer?

I’ve been working on making our preschool place space more natural and inviting.  My first project has been cushion covers.  I decided to go with an ocean theme but still would like to sew some more in more green and forest colours too.  These cushion covers were very quick to make with just a flap for the opening so I can easily make some extras and we can change them up.

Here are a few of the cushions that needed covers.  Basically they were just in our back storage area and we couldn’t use them.

IMG_4919 2

I bought quilting quarters and then cut them to fit each pillow.  I measured the pillow, added one inch to the width for seams and doubled the length plus added six more inches to allow for seams plus a four inch overlap.  This was a super quick and easy project.

And the finished product should be a nice addition to the preschool.  I was able to make six of them in one day and with it being so easy, I would love to make more so if I can get my hands on some more fabric, then I will!

Yay! I now have new pillows in ocean colours.  Next I need to work on the greens and the browns. Curious about my other plans for the preschool?  View my original post


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