More Cushions and a Poster

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Recognizing there are just a few of you who keep up regularly with simply.cindy, I’ll just let you know I’m an early childhood educator who is on summer break and planning some classroom updates.  You can read more at my original post: Creating a Natural Inviting Play Space

If you’re new here I hope you’ll have a cup of tea and stay awhile.

So in my effort to improve our indoor preschool playsapce, I’ve quickly sewed up some more cushion covers and here they are!

And I’m thinking seriously about buying this beautiful poster that is really outside of our budget but… maybe I can scrape together enough money if I raid my change jar.  It is just the perfect thing to bring the outdoors in and would make the preschool classroom feel so natural and inviting.


The poster is in plastic so it will look even better once removed from plastic and in the preschool.  I could get it laminated so that it will last longer.  If I do go back to buy it I will put it onto the back of a shelf so that it will be a child height.  It is about 36 inches tall and maybe 18-20 inches wide so I think it could look amazing.  What do you think?

If you’re new to my blog, I’ll also let you know that I write picture books in my spare time.  I’ve just recently published my first picture book and you can learn more about it here or on my website

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5 thoughts on “More Cushions and a Poster

  1. Poster looks beautiful! I’m moving to a new classroom in August and my new view is amazing on clear days (but depressing on smoggy days!).


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