Satisfying Views


I do love hiking!  And not just because of the satisfaction  I get from these gorgeous views.


9 thoughts on “Satisfying Views

  1. So lovely– Where are you?? We are hikers too… Going to Wisconsin next week for a couple weeks (for our daughter’s wedding) and there are some beautiful lake hikes there! hugs hugs!


    1. We are on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. (Not far from Seattle). Wisconsin…cool. That always reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie books 😊. Congratulations to your daughter. Enjoy the big day!! Maybe more grandchildren in your future?? Hope you get to enjoy those beautiful lakes.


      1. Hi Cindy– thanks! I’m so so excited to be off for the wedding (leaving Monday!)– And fun to hear where you live! I have a walking buddy who just came back from Vancouver area for vacation and she was describing some beautiful hikes!! Hope your summer is rolling along well!! xox


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