The Hummingbird Christmas: A Short Story

As the west coast rain fell outside, I bubbled with excitement.  I loved Christmas Eve and though a little snow, would be lovely, I was content.   I watched out my window as carolers gathered. Soon, it would be time for cookies and milk; I had written my note for Santa.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a little sparkle of magic so I can know in my heart you are real. 

Your friend,


My friends told me Santa did not exist.  I wanted them to be wrong.  If I could just see something magical at Christmas time, that would be enough.  Would Santa bring the magic?

I stared at the Christmas tree.  The decorations sparkled but they weren’t magic.

I could smell shortbread cookies in the oven.  Delicious, but not magic.

I stepped outside, hoping to hear the carolers’ singing.  The rain sprinkled lightly on my face.  Then something pink and shiny caught my eye.  I heard a hummmmm of beating wings.  A hummingbird darted into view.  I stood completely still.  I saw a most surprising sight.  The hummingbird fed its babies with nectar from its beak.  I watched as it flew from the neighbor’s bird feeder to the nest. The mother hummingbird placed her beak into the mouths of the two babies; they were tiny and perfect.

Baby hummingbirds in winter… it had to be Christmas magic! Maybe Santa is real, I thought.


This short story was submitted to: Susanna Hill’s Holiday Writing Contest 


18 thoughts on “The Hummingbird Christmas: A Short Story

  1. What a beautiful, uplifting and gentle story – love your work! If you are reading this and looking for a gift for a young reader who you would like to inspire / to be a thinker, problem solver and creative person, look at Cindy’s great picture book “Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker” – I was lucky enough to win one in a generous giveaway on this blog and I am always on the look out for young friends to share it with!

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  2. Beautiful story, Cindy! I love your depiction of west coast Christmas – it is so different from the northeast! And I love that Bethanie wants to believe in Christmas magic and is rewarded. And hummingbirds? Lovely and unexpected! Nice job 🙂

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    1. Thank you Susanna! This is my first time entering one of your writing contests…I really appreciate the time you put into creating the contest and reading all the entries.


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