Welcome to simply.cindy.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I hope you take the time to sit back, relax and stay awhile.  All readers are important to me and your comments are always appreciated.  You can also contact me by email at westcoastbooks67@gmail.com

Coming April 24 … my first picture book “Katie Shaeffer, Pancake Maker”  Check back for updates or subscribe to my newsletter! Visit my author website!


You will notice that I have accepted a blog award nomination for which I am most appreciative!  After careful consideration, I have decided that from this point forward simply.cindy will be a tag-free award-free blog.  This simply works best for me and I hope that readers will respect my decision.

Enjoyed reading this blog? I don’t get paid for any of my writing on simply.cindy; it is all done during my free time. If you’d like to show your appreciation for what you’re reading here then please like my Facebook page. That would be just awesome. Thank you.


21 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Thank you for the nomination! I read a little of your blog and I’m curious about your decision to switch to self-hosting. I’ve been having a few glitches with my word press account and I’ve been thinking of making a change too.

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  1. Hi Cindy! I hope you don’t mind my interjecting. I think switching to a self-hosted blog is so worth it! It gives you better control and there are way better themes available. You might have to pay for stuff with a self-hosted blog, but it’s totally worth it. 🙂


    1. Hi! Thank you. I am still considering the idea. I am not super technical so it the question would be whether I could figure out how to make it work. But I guess like anything, there’s probably a learning curve.


  2. i love reading and i do have a vivid imagination but I don’t think i will ever have the imagination the ability to structure a story enough to be an author. It is a talent, knowing how to write in a creative and engaging way , hope your book will be available in the UK .x


  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the follow, as a new blogger I could use insight from those with more experience! I appreciate what you are doing here and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store to share with me! Hope you have a great day!


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