Five Star Reviews!

Woohoo!  It may not quite be time to break out the champagne yet, but my little Katie book now as 4 reviews and they are all five stars!!  Huge bouquets to all those who have left reviews so far.  I hope to eventually get 30 reviews posted so if you’ve had a chance to read it, please do post a little something. Reviews are something an author has little control over so the most I can do is hope for the best. Your time to review will be hugely appreciated.
on April 9, 2017
A bit of magic mixed in with things kids love (like lots of pancakes!) makes it a fun read.
on May 1, 2017
This book is delightful and original. It inspires children to be inventive, resourceful, and innovative. Katie, the protagonist, is full of spunk and charisma. She demonstrates exception problem solving in this fun and charming story.  
on May 1, 2017
This is a fantastic book! Katie Shaeffer is bold, fun, spunky, and determined. Together with her friend Baxter they create a marvelous invention. This book inspired my kids to be creative and inventive. It is now a family favorite!
on April 29, 2017
Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker is a very well illustrated book. It is a great read for children and the pictures are great. I love the story line and it provides a great imagination for children. I highly recommend it.
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