Saturday Morning Pancake Feature

Only 16 days until the release of Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker!  And in celebration, I am sharing another pancake recipe from an awesome blogger out there.  What I love about pancakes is that they have the potential to be adapted in many different ways.  I thought I would expand your horizons with this new recipe for Akra (Black eyed beans) Pancakes from Lerato loves Food.  Check it out!  

àcàràjé! How to cook akara pancakes. A wonderful West African savoury pancake with black eyed beans.

via Akara (Black Eyed Beans) Pancakes — Lerato Loves Food


Friendship Soup


Who is ready for some creativity calisthenics? Inspired by Kenvin Henkes genius book about the life of a marshmallow chick as a friend, can you share a narrative poem or short short about a food who becomes a child’s friend? (100 words or less folks)

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